The Graha Niaga building was built starting on September 1990 and established on June 10th, 1993. Being built on a prestigious location namely Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, in Sudirman Central region Business District (SCBD). The Graha Niaga building adds beauty with its architectural design to the lines of building along the street. The innovative design of the Graha Niaga building is the work of Kohn Pederson Fox Associates (KPF), New York in corporation with PT Wiratman & Associates, Jakarta for the constructions' execution.

KPF is one of the biggest well-known architectural firm in the world that has received over 300 awards. Those awards are the reflection from the commitment that KPF has given toward the design excellence on every of their work, with more than 30 years of experience working in the architectural and design business. Buildings, that are results of KPF's Design, can be found on various cities in America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, with many of them becoming the icon of the city because of their stunning and innovative designs.

Every each of KPF's designs is a result of collaboration between architecture with the selections of material that fully reflect the buildings reputation. The combination of materials such as granite, marble, stainless steel, aluminum and wood on the Graha Niaga building reflects the solidarity and uniqueness that it has. The Material selection is not accounted for the aesthetic factor only but also for the durability. And that is why, though the building has been standing for sixteen years, the Graha Niaga building is still classified as a Grade A Building and able to compete with buildings that was just built recently.


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